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50 million
"bust the action" Cassette

vinyl lp sold out
$15 cassette + digital
$10 digital

This is 50 million's 3rd full length release recorded by Matty Luv
of Hickey at Starcleaners in 1998.
Includes "Amy Jahn", "Forcefield",
and "Bluffing Game". 27 songs.

50 Million is a colabiration between the two Driver brothers, Wade and John
(Shellhead). Over the last 24 years 50 million has released
more than 80 songs, on 9 different independent record labels, performed
hundreds of shows all over the country, and are still recording
and performing now in 2019. The music varies from low-fi pop ballads to

experimental noise ensembles, from instrumental loud and fast noise
rock numbers, to sweet acoustic songs with beautiful lyrics. 50 million's earliest
recording was in 1978, and their most
recent release was in November 2018. Their first official live show
was at the Chameleon in SF in 1995, after years of playing
togetther at home. Recordings were done on a 4-track, each brother
doing one track at a time while mailing the master back and forth.

Due out in the fall of 2020 is their first ne release in several years,
"webcor" a 4 song 7"

50 million from San Francisco CA