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SHELLSHAG "Destroy Me I'm Yours " LP

SHELLSHAG "Destroy Me I'm Yours" LP


This was released as a 12" vinyl record in a gatefold jacket with a cd included. It has since sold out of its limited
edition run and is presently available only on cdr and itunes.

Shellshag's "destroy me i'm yours" was recorded at Rodent Records (now called Light Rail Studios) in San Francisco,
February 2006. The session was engineered and mixed by Elton Ridge and Eric Haas demanding countless hours
throughout the year. The record was mastered by John Golden in Las Angeles. Rodent Records is a state of the art facility
boasting the best equipment and microphones for both analog and digital recording. These are two short movies we made
while in the studio, mostly of us goofing around. For serious insight into the Rodent Records recording studio, go visit their
Light Rail Studios.

Shellshag from Brooklyn NY


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