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robot [re]pair
"end transmissions" LP

$20 vinyl + digital
$10 digital



The new(ish) robot (re)pair record was started in February with me and Yami recording 20 songs,a couple of which we made up on the spot. And a 50 Million cover because duh we do that every time we record. Back when we were youngins, Hickey blew us away when we first heard them as teenagers. Like oh shit I didn't know punk could sound like this. Never heard anything like it. But then Brad found Bust The Action by 50 Million in a dollar bin at Bookman's BECAUSE NO GOOD INNANETS YET and realized they were not only affiliated with, but kinda best buds with the best band that had ever graced the ears and minds of our small group of small town miscreants while providing a sense that someone else somewhere out there in the big ole world might not greet us with scorn, contempt, and disapproval -- but with welcoming arms. And while Hickey blew us away with not only their unique blend of bristling convulsive aggression coupled with the occasional melodic tenderness and an ever present dash of dark humor musically, they further entranced us with their relentless commitment to d.i.y. ethics as evidenced by the sheer amount of effort and abundance of scathing repudiations of the commercialization and commodification of punk that accompanied their records. BUT ANYWAY, 50 Million completely changed our perception...  more