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This 11 " tall plastic toy sculpture has a detachable club with a usb device fitted inside. Plug the USB device into your computer and you will find
the new Triclops! album "Out of Africa" in high quality digital format! Also loaded into the 1G USB
drive is an exclusive video and tons of other bonus features from Triclops!

The Triclops! Noize Toy is 11" tall and weighs 1 3/4 pounds. It was hand
sculpted and plastic casted by designer and Noize Toy inventor John C. Driver,
A.K.A Shellhead. Each Triclops! Noize Toy is hand painted and is
part of a limited edition of 50.

An all new way to buy digital music, only available here at starcleaner.com!!!
The Triclops! Noize Toy is the first in a new collection of music coming to you
from Starcleaner Records in the form of a Noize Toy; Plastic toy sculptures fitted
with a USB drevice that contains a new album of a band, along with bonus features!
Each Noize Toy will be distinctly different and will reflect the style of the band-
A new exclusive invention by John C.Driver, A.K.A. Shellhead
and Starcleaner Designs (patent pending)

The Triclops! album "Out of Africa" is a new release from Alternative Tentacles,
and the albums availability on this Noize Toy comes courtesy of Alternative Tentacles

Operating system compatability • Windows XP/2000 Professional/Home Edition
Windows ME-Windows 98SE • Windows 98-Mac OS 9 and higher
USB 2.0 high speed mode is not supported by Windows 98,98SE,ME and Mac OS
This device can be used with a USB 1.1 interface on
these OS: Windows 98,98SE,ME and Mac OS9
To use this device in USB 2.0 high speed mode you need
to connect it to a computer which supports
USB 2.0,a USB 2.0 card or board